Unlike an Real Estate Agent, we charge no commission and have no fees, we simply offer to buy your house for cash and can have everything settled in as little as 14 days. This means that unlike an agent who must sign you up on a contract, charge a fee, advertise on the market and then show prospective buyers around, our process is very simple. We By Faith Home Investors have an experience team and your not alone. We are experts that can help you with buying process faster, easier and can close quickly.

Here is a reminder of the situations we have helped people to overcome:

  • Inherited a Property you simply want to be rid of.
  •  A property needs repairs but the owner cannot afford them.
  •  Sudden relocation such as with work or military transfer
  •  Vacant / Damaged Homes
  •  Neighbors make a sale difficult
  •  Cannot sell through Real Estate Agent
  •  Owe Taxes
  •  Divorce
  •  Problem Tenant Eviction